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How to choose a Bluetooth earphones ?

Bluetooth headsets: how to choose one?Many friends have asked me how to choose a Bluetooth headset. There are many pitfalls to avoid when buying a Bluetooth headset. Let's talk about it today. Please forward this article to your friends.Requirements:If it's just an entry-level requirement, you can choose to look good, wear comfortable, be affordable, and have sound quality. Just don't worry about the location.Requirements:It supports Bluetooth version 5.2 and higher. It is my belief that Bluetooth v5.2 did not target audio optimization before. It has left and right ear synchronization, reduced transmission delay, and greatly improved subjective experience. You can follow "Bluetooth BT5.2 new features and application analysis" on WeChat's official account for in-depth research.LC3 encoders are better than SBC encoders. They support encoders that are superior to SBC, such as aptx, LDAC, etc. In the "first lesson of learning" on WeChat, you will find "Full Analysis of Bluetooth Audio Codecs - LC3/SBC/AAC/aptx/LDAP" that describes the performance of each encoder.Requirements:The following experiments can be conducted to test Bluetooth headsets' communication and audio quality.(1) Prior to using a Bluetooth headset, check that there are at least two robust wifi signals within the vicinity. Connecting your mobile phone will enable you to enjoy music from the headset. Stepping away from the mobile phone for more than 20 meters, but still being able to observe it with your eyes, provides an indication of signal strength. Walking further so that any intervening objects between you and the device cannot be seen from more than 20 meters away allows you to gauge the communication quality of the headphones. If no interference is present, then the headset is functioning properly.(2) Turn on the background music and check the Bluetooth headset's noise reduction performance when using it with active noise reduction. A good headset can reduce noise above 40dB.(3) Individual endurance requirements vary. The longer the time, the better. The same charging speed is optimal.(4) Headphone sound unit, which can require dynamic coils, dynamic irons, coil irons, etc. The sound units of different headphones are quite different, so choose the right one. New hot sale Noise reduction Bluetooth gaming headphones |gaming headset| wholesale/OEM/ODM gaming headset 90 days battery life is powerful for game competition in MOB A battleground galloping New hot sale Noise reduction Bluetooth gaming headphones |gaming headset| wholesale/OEM/ODM gaming headset 90 days battery life is powerful for game competition in MOB A battleground galloping New hot sale Noise reduction Bluetooth gaming headphones |gaming headset| wholesale/OEM/ODM gaming headset 90 days battery life is powerful for game competition in MOB A battleground galloping New hot sale Noise reduction Bluetooth gaming headphones |gaming headset| wholesale/OEM/ODM gaming headset 90 days battery life is powerful for game competition in MOB A battleground galloping

Why Join Us As Our Distributor?

Why Join Us As Our Distributor? Supply chain price advantageWe have integrated a strong supply chain system to provide the best quality 3C digital accessories products,The intermediate price difference is completely omitted, which is equivalent to one-to-one market sales, allowing agents to create the highest profit value in the market, and at the same time allowing consumers to enjoy the thrill of value for money.Custom design serviceProduct customization:material design + product customizationAdvertising planning:advertising design planning and marketing material planningPackaging design:from style to details, packaging materialsBrand scale effectACC brand effect, we have our own brands in many countries,Brand image and promotionProfessional marketing and sales team supportOperation and management guidanceProduct management and display guidanceOne-on-one professional guidance product knowledge and sales skills trainingLogistics ServiceConsolidation service, logistics (customs declaration, customs clearance, door-to-door) serviceSpot overseas warehouse supportEurope (Spain) (Italy) (Czech Republic) (Poland) We have our own overseas warehouses, and some products can be shipped quicklyWe have experience in building overseas warehouses, and can also assist you in building warehouse management services in your own region.Offline team experience in EuropeancountriesWe have our own offline service teams in Europe (Spain) (Italy) (Czech Republic) (Poland). 2. We can copy the distribution experience of excellent local offline stores.Event supportThe company continuously dispatches marketing specialists to assist customers in marketingExplosive models, mainstream models to create plans to help partners occupy market share and become industry benchmarksRegular marketing activities to comprehensively help partners strive for more sales (such as New Year's Day/Spring Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/National Day/Christmas activities)ALSO TO SEE:How Can We Help You Grow?How Can We Help You Grow?How Can We Help You Grow?

What support can you get after becoming our agent?

What support can you get after becoming our agent? What support can you get after becoming our agent?1. We provide a full range of consumer electronics product service support    1). Product Design: Consumer Electronics, Small Household Appliances, Outdoor Products, Kitchen Products, Gadgets, etc.    2). Packaging design: plastic packaging, color box installation, transparent packaging, gift box packaging, sample display packaging, display racks, etc.   3). Marketing activities planning: advertising design, advertising materials production, light boxes, X display racks, roll-up banners, etc.   4). Advertising design for marketing activities, material production, DM leaflet design, etc.   5). Flexible logistics service, fob, cif, door to door, etc.2. We have more than 10 brands to choose from    With its own brand, it has been operating and promoting in the European market for more than 15 years. You can choose our brand and save many things in brand operation. Directly own the exclusive license right to use in your market. And has the brand reputation of our brand in the European market.    can refer to    The Services We Provide for Different Customers     Our Partnership Plan    Our success cases in European markets3. Provide different product customization according to different customers    1). You have a new idea about market demand. In your market, the difficulties encountered by consumers, you have good ideas, have good suggestions for product improvement, want to add new functions, or want to make a new product to solve this problem, and at the same time develop new ones Market, build better relationship with old customers. Then, contact us. From product design, 3D modeling and simulation, rapid prototyping samples, circuit design, plastic parts, hardware parts, performance testing, product certification, small batch production, mass production, quality control plan, we will do it for you. Of course, you can also participate in it according to your own situation and complete what you can. If you have your own injection molding machine, you can find local workers to assemble it for you, or if you just started your business and want to own second-hand equipment to complete the processing of parts, we can provide you with a perfect solution.       you can refer to       Strict Quality Control System       ACC Design Service Capabilities    2). If you have ideas about festival activities and want to plan a festival-specific marketing activity, please contact us. We will assist you to realize your ideas. From advertising design, product matching, gift matching, to the production of advertising materials. We have a wealth of event planning experience in our own market, which we can share with you.    3). You have ideas about new functions of the product. If your competitor’s product has new functions, or you have thought of new functional requirements in advance, please tell us and let us assist you. From modeling, mold modification, proofing test can be completely entrusted to us to complete.    4). You already have product design drawings and want to test the market. If you have the ability to design yourself, give us your drawings and let us turn your design drawings into products. We have advanced auxiliary design software that can help you make your own products. Through the data analysis in the early stage, some design defects can be avoided, and the product can be perfected from the drawing to the real sample.    5). You have the reference product and want to make some changes and improvements. We can achieve perfect replication through our reverse engineering experience, and combine our experience and market feedback to further enhance and improve the product. Contact us and let us assist you in realizing your exciting ideas.4. Provision of goods and financial support under credit    It is a long process from placing an order to delivering the product to the terminal store and selling it. This lengthy process can cost you your best chances of gaining access to the market. At the same time, this long process adds more uncertainties and risks to your business. The sooner you occupy the market, the more chance you have to make more profits. According to your channel resources and market experience, we can provide you with the expenditure you need, allowing you to occupy the market faster. Of course, we may examine your market, understand your integrity, and understand your ability to grasp the market.    Based on your integrity, ability and resource channels, we can work together with you to let you develop and expand your market as soon as possible.    What are you waiting for, tell us your story and your thoughts. Let your business start a new journey from now on.    here you can see our     Partnership Plan5. We can help you open channels, expand markets, and become a big boss.    We can visit your market in person and work with you to promote the development of the market. From advertising design, marketing planning, customer development introduction, customer training, market planning, festival activity design and planning.    We have more than 15 years of experience in operating the European market and the Chinese market to help you open the market faster.

To become our reseller, you need to follow:

To become our reseller, you need to follow: Are you looking to become a reseller of consumer electronic products in your area? Have you been considering selling China products, but lack the experience or team support to do so? ACCMercado is here to help!We are proud to offer our reseller program for those who want to start their own business and have an interest in consumer electronics. To become an ACCMercado reseller, you'll need to meet the following criteria: 1) have experience in consumer electronic products and can provide service support for customers;2)trust our ACCMercado brand; 3) own customer channels with a good reputation in the local market or if you want to start your own business without experience and team support. As a reseller, you will be able to benefit from our extensive consumer electronic product offerings and access newly released products. We are looking for dedicated resellers who are passionate about consumer electronics, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to providing quality customer service. If you meet all of the criteria above, then become a reseller of consumer electronics with ACCMercado today! With our reseller program, you'll have the opportunity to build a successful business by selling consumer electronics and providing excellent customer service. Contact us now to find out more about becoming an ACCMercado reseller. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Join the ACCMercado family and become a consumer electronic product reseller today! Let's get started! Contact us now to learn more. Here To See Our Product

What is CIF meaning?

What is CIF meaning?CIF means Cost, insurance, and freight. For international transportation, Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) is the ideal choice. It covers all expenses incurred by the seller for goods in transit including freight cost, insurance premiums, and other charges related to a buyer's purchase order. CIF primarily facilitates for maritime transport of cargo via ocean or sea routes.According to the sales contract, goods will be delivered to the buyer's chosen port. As long as they remain in transit, it is the seller's responsibility to cover any financial losses or damages that may occur and bear all costs related to customs duties, export paperwork, inspections and reroutes if applicable.Once the goods have arrived at their final destination, it is up to the buyer to pay all fees and costs associated with unloading them. CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) and CIP (Carriage & Insurance Paid To) are alike in nature yet differ in function; while CIF only applies for waterway shipments, CIP can be employed for any mode of transportation--including on roads by truck.When should I use CIF? Sending bulky goods that are traveling by sea? CIF is the ideal method. The seller takes care of loading the shipment onto a boat, as well as footing all transportation and insurance expenses.What means CIF delivery? International Commercial Terms CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight Crucial Requirement: Destination Port. When the seller utilizes CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) to move goods, they are responsible for ensuring that said goods are cleared for export before being loaded onto a vessel at their port of shipment. They must also pay all associated costs necessary to transport the items from one port to another and cover it with minimum insurance protection en route until they reach their specified destination.When goods are loaded onto the vessel for main carriage, all risks transfer to the buyer. However, until these items make it safely to their destination port, no costs will be incurred by them. CIF is often used in bulk shipments that pose logistical challenges due to size or weight constraints; It applies only when transporting cargo via ocean vessels or inland waterways.When freight is delivered only to the terminal in a containerized state, CIP should be used as opposed to other delivery methods. All-risk insurance coverage applies by default when using this method; however, it's possible for the parties involved to agree upon a lower requirement of coverage.As part of the agreement, the seller is obliged to insure the buyer for a minimum amount.The Seller's ResponsibilitiesFor an efficient and successful trade, goods need to be accompanied by a commercial invoice as well as other essential documentation.To ensure reliable transit of your goods globally, proper export packaging and marking are essential. Our expert team assists you through the process, ensuring that your items arrive at their destination safely and securely.Obtaining export authorizations and efficiently navigating customs procedures can be a complex process, but with the right knowledge and expertise, you will experience success.Pre-transportation and Final DeliveryFees for UnloadingGoods will arrive at the specified port of call, ensuring your products make it to their desired destination on time.Confirmation of receptionLooking to save money on pre-shipment inspections? By taking advantage of our comprehensive and cost-conscious services, you can do just that!Obtaining the bare minimum of insurance coverage can often be an economical way to protect you and your assets.The Buyer ResponsibilitiesPayment of goods detailed in the sales agreement is required.After the cargo is released and it begins its next journey.Navigating official customs and tariff regulationsPrior to shipment, the cost of import clearance and inspection must be taken into consideration.What is CIF and FOB difference?When it comes to global transportation, cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) and Free on Board (FOB) are two distinct shipping agreements with remarkable distinctions.Free on Board (FOB)When utilizing Free on Board terms, the seller is responsible for all charges associated with dispatching and loading products to their respective vessel. Once these goods are loaded onto the ship, however, legal ownership transfers to the buyer.As per FOB, the seller is responsible for the following:Price of bundling the goods for exportAll charges associated with packing the product onto trucks and getting it to its destination, such as export taxes, customs duty, and costs will be taken care of.When it comes to FOB, the buyer is held responsible for any associated loading costs, freight charges and handling fees when transferring the product onto a vessel.The cost of shipping the goods from the seller's harbor to the buyer's desired port is included in freight charges.The buyer has the choice to purchase insurance for their freight shipment, however it is not a requirement. Additionally, they are responsible for any unloading and delivery fees associated with the cargo at its final destination as well as any import duties or taxes that may apply when clearing customs.It is essential to recognize that there are various types of FOB agreements, and the insurance coverage between buyer and seller can be negotiated. For example, one party might agree to pay for freight charges or delivery costs while the other offers marine insurance in return.CIF and FOB are beneficial since they provide clarity on who is liable for the freight during transit. These terms are particularly significant as they determine insurance coverage, shipping charges, and which party assumes accountability if goods become damaged in transit.Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)The CIF agreement is an international contract between a buyer and seller, in which the vendor takes on full responsibility for all costs related to insurance and freight of shipment across water or sea. As soon as the goods are loaded onto the boat, ownership transfers over to the purchaser; however, they remain responsible for any insurance premiums or shipping fees associated with such delivery.Subsequently, the seller must cover all costs associated with transporting their goods until they have reached the buyer's destination port. These expenses may include charges for shipping, duty taxes, and export customs clearance fees.After the goods have been delivered to the buyer's destination, it is their responsibility to cover all agreed upon costs and any associated fees such as import taxes or custom duty charges. Furthermore, they must also bear all transportation expenses along with inspection and licensing costs plus cost of transporting items to their final location.For example: What does CIF Singapore Meaning?When utilizing the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) incoterms, it is the responsibility of the seller (exporter) to transport goods onto an appropriate vessel while also taking care of any customs clearances needed at Singapore border.

What is MOQ meaning?

Suppliers set Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) to protect their resources and maximize profits. MOQs may be determined by the number of units or total order value, but are designed to minimize waste in small orders. Whether you want a few items or many, suppliers use this rule to ensure they get enough business from your order for it all to be worth it.How does having a minimum order quantity affect your inventory?The minimum order quantity (MOQ) set by your suppliers has the potential to drastically influence your inventory management. How much stock you hold, how often purchase orders are placed and even the amount of warehouse space available will all be impacted in some way or another. If it is not possible to meet a supplier's MOQ then other options must be sought which may include paying an additional fee for lower quantities than that stipulated in the initial order request.Gaining advantages of MOQsNot only do MOQs benefit suppliers by increasing their profit margins, but they can also assist you in maintaining an efficient inventory system and reducing purchasing costs.Benefits for suppliersImproved financial liquidity. When suppliers efficiently balance their total inventory cost with other necessary expenditures, their cash flow is more secure and predictable. Setting MOQs strategically ensures that they are able to reach the desired profit level while managing costs effectively.By cutting inventory costs, you can save more and expand your business exponentially. Many suppliers don't produce goods until they receive an order from a buyer who can meet the required Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), which helps them keep their warehouse free of stock and reduce inventory as well as production costs.Maximized profit margins. As noted, supplier MOQs are usually set up in a way that ensures a certain profit margin. Often they will only order new stock when their sales reach a level that creates an operating profit. This means that even a relatively low MOQ will offer the safety net they need.Benefits for buyersMaximizing savings through bulk purchases.Are you looking for ways to maximize your profits? Working with suppliers that have MOQs allows you to secure the best price per unit, as buying products in bulk is a surefire way of saving money and increasing profit margins on each item sold.Strengthened relationships with suppliers for mutual success.The amount you wish to purchase may be distinct from the Minimum Order Quantity your supplier requires. To reach a satisfactory resolution, work with them as it will help cultivate an enhanced and more trusting relationship between both of you.