How to Clean Dirty Headphones?

How to Clean Dirty Headphones?


Regular cleaning not only keeps your headphones in pristine condition, it also prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria. Read on to learn more about the reasons and tips for cleaning your headphones.

How to Clean Dirty Headphones?
how to clean headphones
Open-back headphones mean your ear canals aren't blocked by anything, so you don't have to worry about keeping them clean or worrying about ear infections from dirty headphones.

If you've ever had an ear infection from using in-ear headphones, you know how important cleaning and headphone hygiene is. Nothing blocking your ear canals means better ear cleanliness and a more comfortable way to enjoy your music.

Read on to learn how the technology of bone-conduction headphones means you'll never have to spend time cleaning your earbuds again!

Are the Headphones You Are Using Dirty?

In 2018, 8.4 million people in the UK used noise-canceling headphones, a further 1.4 million used sports-specific headphones, and an estimated 6.7 million people used wireless headphones/ear headphones. That number is growing year on year, proving that we're a country that loves headphones.

Earbuds, in-ear headphones, and headphones are an essential part of our lives, allowing us to listen to music, and podcasts, or take calls anytime, anywhere, and more importantly, they make public transportation and the gym more Comfortable.

Why Cleaning Your Headphones Is Important

Or if you never take the time to clean your earwax, you're likely to see a lot of it. Earwax in your headphones doesn't look good, but it's mostly harmless. While your ears are filled with earwax, they're also filled with dead skin cells and lots of bacteria, all of which can cling to your earbuds.

The real problem with earplugs is that their moist, sticky surface is perfect for bacteria to breed and grow. Recent research found that earplugs can harbor 119,186 colony-forming units.

When wearing headphones, the air circulation in the ears is difficult, the temperature in the ears rises sharply, and bacteria on the surface of the headphones multiply rapidly. Studies show that when you wear headphones, the bacteria in your ears increases 11 times compared to when you don’t wear headphones.

The narrow part of the ear located at the entrance to the ear canal is a perfect place for bacteria and dirt to hide, causing ear inflammation and infection. Additionally, earplugs can pick up bacteria through contact with other objects. Think about how many surfaces your earbuds come into contact with every day, and how much bacteria you pick up and transfer to your ears by doing so.

What Causes Headphones to Get Dirty?

There are two potential problems.

1. Share Headphones with Others.

People who like to share headphones with others usually do it just to help a friend out or share a new music/podcast hobby. The act of sharing enables the exchange of staphylococci, a type of skin bacteria, in someone's ear. We've become accustomed to our own skin bacteria and those with whom we have close skin contact, but if a new strain of staph enters a wound or hair follicle, it can cause serious skin infections and other problems.

2. Wear Earplugs When Exercising.

Earplugs absorb heat and moisture from your ears, making them the perfect greenhouse for all the bacteria to grow. If you wear headphones after swimming or while exercising, you may increase your risk of ear infections, ear mites, pustules, or otitis media, which causes inflammation (redness and swelling) and fluid buildup behind the eardrum.

How to Clean Your Headphones?

If the earphones are used frequently, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the earphones with 75% alcohol every week. When disinfecting, make sure to thoroughly remove any waxy residue, then use a disinfecting spray or rubbing alcohol and wipe the earbuds with a cotton ball.

After using your headphones, remember to wipe them down regularly, especially if you sweat during use, and make sure they are completely dry. Don't forget the cord (if applicable to your headphones) and store it in a clean, dry environment. Keeping your headphones as your own and not lending them to others is also key to good hygiene. The more earplugs are inserted into the ear, the greater the chance of infection.

In Conclusion

Properly cleaning your wireless earphones is a simple and effective way to ensure their longevity, sound quality, and hygiene. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can enjoy your favorite music with peace of mind and pristine sound quality. If you want to buy headphones, please contact us.

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