mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM
mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM
mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM
mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM
mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM
mobile phone chain, mobile phone lanyard Colorful Macaron bead |wholesale/OEM/ODM

Item specifics

Short circuit current
Irradiation ratio
phone case with chain



mobile phone chain in colorful beeds fashion popular support customization printing your logo
The 1000W outdoor power supply supports a variety of output modes, which can be used in various scenarios. The three self charging modes make it easy for the outdoor power supply to return blood. You can start and use electricity in a green way. It is recommended to use a 200W solar charging panel

Phone Case


252000mAh large energy storage battery, 1000W large power Multiple output modes, power battery cell, LCD high-definition LCD screen, intelligent fan for silent cooling, lighting lamp supporting SOS, multiple quality inspection, and six safety protections The back close headlights accompany you at night, providing more reassurance for UAV powered technology products, while the back close headlights accompany you at night, with high-quality materials, solid and reliable

  • 252k

  • 1000

  • 7.8

  • 60W

mobile phone chain
What We Offer For Our Customer?
We provide products and services for supermarket chains, OEM&ODM customers of consumer electronic digital products, private label customers, and wholesalers.
(1)Customize function: According to your requirements for the products, we can formulate and develop
(2)Customize exterior: ACC can make mold based on your brand request,  customize exclusive exterior.
(3)Other customization: customization of exclusive shell color and product packaging, as well as customization of product marketing materials.

——Our company offers ODM SERVICE:
1. We design products and create prototypes using 3D printing technology.
2. We manufacture components and parts for products, as well as assemble them.
3. We validate the quality of small batches of products before they are mass-produced.
Wireless Headphones Description:
The neck-mounted Bluetooth headset is equipped with a 360° rotating microphone for your convenience when making calls. The karaoke reverberation function creates a better singing experience, while the unique mirror digital display function makes it more stylish and eye-catching. Switch to the HIFI function to enjoy an immersive sound experience. With 800mAh of power, it lasts longer too! Additionally, the composite diaphragm produces clearer external sounds such as music or movies . Lastly, its ergonomic design allows users comfort while wearing it for long periods of time .
 Wireless headphones PDF
phone case chain
Technical  Specifications :
High power indoor and outdoor power supply

Rated power: 1000W
Rated power: 932.4Wh
Standard capacity: 3.7V/252000mAh
Overload protection: 1050±40W
AC output: 220v±10%/60hz 230v±10%/50hz
Output waveform: pure sine wave
USB output: QC 3.0/18W
Type-C output: PD60W/PD60W
Smoke outlet output: 14V/8A
DC55 * 2.5 output: 14V/8A
Wireless charging: 15W
Charging input voltage: 12-26V
Operating temperature: 10-40℃
Weight (net weight):~ 7.8kg
Weight (including accessories):~ 8.8kg
Product size: 345*227*203mm

mobile phone case chain
phone case with chain
chain phone case
Portable Power Station Packing:
FOB Port
Lead Time
mm20–30 days
Weight per Unit
80.0 Grams
Dimensions per Unit
kg15.0 x 9.0 x 5.0 Centimeters
HTS Code
8517.62.94 00
Units per Export Carton
Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H
40.0 x 38.0 x 26.0 Centimeters
Export Carton Weight
8.0 Kilograms
keychain phone case
Acc Packing Design :
1000W outdoor power supply, lighting/SOS multifunctional LED lamp, multiple charging ports (including wireless charging)
Lighting/SOS multifunctional  LED lamp, rear lighting headlamp
Imported material, solid and reliable, Taiwan imported shell material, zero level fire protection, good quality, and lasting